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Q. How old do you have to be?
A. You must be a least 18 years of age or older to get tattooed, bring ID with you!

Q. Can I just get drunk so I won't feel the pain?
A. No, drinkin or taking drugs before getting a tattoo will thin out your blood and will make it harder for color to get in the skin and stay in the skin, if you appear to be intoxicated most shops will not deal with you!

Q. Does it hurt to get?
A. Yes, it does. It all depends on where you get it as to how bad, but usually after the first couple of minutes you get used to it.

Q. Are they expensive?
A. Usually yes, depending on sizes and colors or how long it takes to do, check with your local shops for their rate. Remeber it's on ya for life so cost shouldn't matter, the quality should!

Q. How do I know if the shop I'm going to is reputable?
A. Ask around, try to find people that have gotten tattoos at the shop you are thinking about going to. Also look at pictures that the artist has taken of tattoos they have done (most shops like to get a picture of the work they do).

Q. How long does it take to heal?
A. Usually about 2 weeks.

Q. How do I take care of a tattoo after I get it?
A. Depending on the shop you will go to you will hear different things, but here is my version: remove any bandages after 2 hours and wash gently with soap and water and blot dry(do not rub to dry), apply thin coating of lotion(such as Lubriderm,Curel, Tattoo Goo, etc.)to the area at least 10 to 12 times a day or whenever dry, do not bangage let it get air. For the first week or two don"t go swimming, and for the first month avoid too much sun exposure, do not pick scabs or loose skin and don't scratch(it will get itchy while healing!).

Q. Will my tattoo get infected?
A. If you don't keep it clean while it is healing, your tattoo can get infected, just like ANY break in the surface of the skin, whether it be from a paper cut, or a puncture would. A tattoo consists of depositing pigment beneath the surface of the skin through a series of minute puncture wounds. Any time the skin is perforated, there is the risk of an infection from microbes. We recommend the use of an anti-bacterial soap when bathing in order to clean a healing tattoo.

Q. Why should I not get sun or go swimming?
A. The sun can dry out your tattoo or cause blistering while healing and this can cause scarring, salt water and chlorine water can cause the colors to fade while healing and also scarring. Also see the Q&A below for more info on the sun and tattoos.

Q. What makes a tattoo fade?
A. Mainly the sun. Lighter colors tend to fade first; white, yellow, light blue, etc. The quality of pigments used, and how well the tattoo was applied are direct factors in the longevity of a tattoo. A top-quality, professional tattoo will last a lifetime with good initial care and a little sunblock. Also, the lighter the skin tone, the brighter the colors will be.

Q. Can a tattoo be removed?
A. Yes. Modern laser technology can effectively remove most tattoos within a few visits. However, removal is much more expensive and does leave some light scarring. Think first!

Q. If I gain or lose weight, will it affect my tattoo?
A. Not usually. The skin has a lot of elasticity (stretch) that naturally adjusts for changes in the body. During pregnancy, a woman’s abdomen will stretch considerably and tattoos along the waistline will be distorted, but once the body returns to normal, the tattoo will take its original shape. Building muscles won’t affect the shape of a tattoo, but can make it look smaller on the enlarged surface area.

Q. Can a tattoo be covered with another tattoo?
A. Yes. Cover-up work can be challenging, depending on the design to be covered, and what the new design will be. Usually the new design has to be larger and darker, but a good cover-up doesn’t have to be a solid black square. Only darker colors cover (you can’t tattoo white or “flesh tone “ over a tattoo to cover it) but by using some imagination, an effective cover-up won’t show any of the original design. Names are some of the most frequently covered tattoos.

Q. Can you just use skin colored tattoo ink to cover a tattoo instead of getting it removed?
A. The answer to that question is a NO. A lighter tattoo ink will be absorbed by a darker tattoo ink and will not cover it up.

If you have any questions I didn't answer E-mail me and I'll get back to ya.

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